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Content Marketing Strategy

As a client of White Hat SEO Company, we will build you a Brand & Content Marketing Strategy. This content marketing strategy can be geared towards Local Markets, National or Internal Clients depending on the market segment you are trying to reach.

Our Content Marketing Process Involves:

  •  Curating unique content that will be interesting and relevant for users.
  • Thoroughly explain your services and highlight your business’ features and benefits.
  • Find how users are searching for similar services and searching for your business and use this data to create quality content that will increase visibility and attract users
  • Sculpt your content so it focuses on the market you are after, which might involve cities, states, or countries.
  • Connect your content marketing strategy to your Local SEO strategy so your website has city pages with unique content and relevant local links.
  • Create an editorial calendar that will take advantage of any promotions or seasonal business that you business might do.
  • Follow Industry News and have a real-time marketing strategy that will create fresh content. By publishing timely content users will see your website as an authority for industry news which will increase visibility and rankings.
  • Use all media types for content curation including video, infographics, long form writing, and other visual media.

By following this content marketing process and using current best practices, we will make sure that your website is not in danger of being penalized by algorithm updates such as Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon. White Hat SEO Company does not build content that chases the algorithm, but instead we use our experience and digital marketing knowledge to create evergreen content that will withstand algorithm fluctuations.

If your website has been affected by the Panda Algorithm or duplicate content contact White Hat SEO Company today at (469) 730-6125.






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