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Local Search Marketing Services

The introduction of Google’s local search algorithm, Pigeon, has caused problems for many business owners. We believe in White Hat tactics, and that carries over to our Local Search Marketing Services. Our clients are coming to us because they paid another SEO agency to screw with their website and their rankings. White Hat SEO Company believes in the principal of doing something correctly the first time and in the world of SEO this means not taking shortcuts, and not chasing the algorithm. For the customer this means they won’t have to pay for work to twice and they don’t have to worry about losing rankings due to any of the algorithms, whether that be Panda, Penguin or Pigeon.

Our Local Listing Optimization process begins with a citation audit of how consistent your business’ profile is in the major directories. We will review your Brand’s profile for as many directories that we can find, but we are really concerned with the major directories, which there only about 20. After this audit we will be able to show you how consistent your brand’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) and business information are across all the directories and if they are consistent with the information that exists on your site. It might seem trivial to a business owner if the phone number for their business is different in local directories but the truth is that if it is just one instance it might not be a huge deal, but typically it is not one instance. Search Engines are not manually looking at this data either, they are using bots and those bots are looking for consistent business information across the internet. The more consistent a business’ information is, the more authoritative the site which directly equates to higher visibility and rankings.

Cleaning up business information for 20 or more directories can involve a lot of time that most business owners just don’t have time for, and this process is a large part of the Local SEO strategy, but it isn’t all that needs to be done. After all of these profiles are optimized for a consistent NAP and business information they then have to be monitored monthly and regularly updated with fresh content and images of the business. While a business’ local profile is important, so is the information that exists on a business’ website. One of the major problems that Pigeon uncovered was that SEO firms were creating one city page template and duplicating that page 20 to 30 times and just changing the name of the city. Many business owners have been hurt because of the laziness of their SEO company, and that is why White Hat SEO believes in creating unique content. The strategy of building city pages is very useful still, but how we do it different is that we include one or two paragraphs of unique content about the city on a page and also include relevant links, such as links to that city’s water department, electricity codes …etc.

This is another reason why we feel it is important to take the time to learn our client’s business and understand the area’s that they serve. Customer’s love to use local businesses because they understand that you, the local business owner, will care more about the service you provide and that if they do have a problem you are a short phone call away. The problem is that if your phone number on Google is different than your phone number on Angie’s List or the BBB the customer gets confused and they move on to the next business.

We understand that SEO, especially Local Search Marketing might not make sense to every business owner which is why we promise to explain our entire process thoroughly and help you see the return on your investment that you will receive. Please call (469) 730-6125 with any questions about our Local Search Strategy. Contact us for NAP Cleanup today.

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